How to get around GAMSTOP

GAMSTOP is a UK website that helps gamblers to restrict their access to online gambling sites voluntarily. However, it is not a complete solution, as we shall see.

To explain the background a little, GAMSTOP curtails your gambling habits online when you register your details with the website. By doing so, you are automatically barred from any casino gambling site licensed in the UK. Your self-exclusion from such sites takes effect within 24 hours and lasts for a minimum of six months. You can select a more extended exclusion period when you sign up.

However, GAMSTOP, sometimes confused with Gamestop, can only exclude you from UK gambling sites. Their reach only extends to the UK. Plenty of other sites are not licensed by the UK’s Gambling Commission, and you can still access them. But even if you don’t have a GAMSTOP status in place, there are many reasons why UK players will want to play at online casinos not registered in the UK. Two such reasons are the bigger and better bonus payments and access to on-going promotional offers. As well as access to gaming content you might not otherwise have access to with UK-based casinos.

The GAMSTOP workaround

As mentioned, GAMSTOP is not a complete solution. Yes, you are banned from UK-registered gambling sites. But other gambling sites, with better bonuses and promotions, from outside the UK do still allow access to players based in Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Typically these are casino-style sites registered in Curacao, Malta, Cyprus, and other offshore jurisdictions. Even though people in the UK can access them, there is no legal need for these sites to register with the Gambling Commission.

GAMSTOP’s National Online Self Exclusion Scheme is, therefore, not a complete solution. There is a workaround, and we will point you in the right direction.

What you need to do is find a non-UK casino site. As offshore jurisdictions regulate them, they are outside the reach of the UK Gambling Commission. Consequently, sites based outside the UK can offer much better gambling conditions and more games than their UK counterparts.

The kind of permit issued by offshore regulators allows websites to offer casino services on a worldwide basis. Oversight and the regulations under which they operate are not as strict as those imposed by the UK Gambling Commission. So using a non-UK casino website is easier and more attractive.

You will know straight away if a gambling site is not UK-registered as Euros and US dollars will be the main currencies on offer. Sites based outside of the UK are unlikely to offer sterling as an option.

Are there any drawbacks to using non-UK casino sites?

Not many, there are a few positive points.

Open Door 

Use non-UK casino sites as they offer an alternative route to gambling. Even though you may have self-excluded on GAMSTOP, these sites allow you to play with real cash once again. Not only do they let you circumvent your self-exclusion, they often offer incentives to do so. The most obvious of which is your ability to sign up and start playing freely once again. There are no obstacles to you opening an account as they are not subject to GAMSTOP self-exclusion scheme.

Bonuses and promotions

Another massive marketing lure used by non-UK licensed casino sites is their bonus and promotion offers. The UK Gambling Commission has strict rules on promotional offers and the percentage match bonuses casinos can apply. These rules are why non-UK gambling websites can give players such enticing offers compared to their UK counterparts.

Looser regulation

It’s not just bonuses and promotional offers that are strictly controlled by the UK Gambling Commission. All the operations of a gambling site are regulated, including the rules governing deposits, withdrawals, and account holder verification.

Because of offshore jurisdictions’ more flexible regulatory framework, non-UK casinos can offer customers much more attractive Terms and Conditions compared to those UK sites are allowed to offer. As they have fewer stringent restrictions to comply with, sites outside the UK are much less restrictive about their playing conditions.

Any other plus points?

The main upside is that playing a non-UK licensed casino gets you through the door even if you have signed up with GAMSTOP.

While you may find some payment methods missing on a non-UK casino site, most notably PayPal, there are alternative methods. And some of these payment methods provide even greater anonymity levels, including online vouchers such as Paysafe.

Top overseas casinos for UK players

If you signed up for GAMSTOP and now regret it, there are hundreds of online casinos outside the UK. You should have no difficulty getting around GAMSTOP. To save you the trouble of finding a non-GAMSTOP casino, we have done the legwork for you. After much research, we have sifted the field down to list our picks of non-GAMSTOP casinos.

We look at the various types of gambling sites out there, the available games, and take an in-depth look at the questions surrounding online gambling online.

It is worth noting here that new casinos are regularly being launched. And there’s always more in the pipeline waiting to drop. Most of the newcomers hold offshore licences too.

Competition in the marketplace like this is good for consumers. Each casino is now locked in a battle to win market share. They do so by outplaying their rivals with bigger bonuses, new features, better graphics, and on-going promotions. It is an arms race to attract new customers and retain existing players with bigger and better incentives.

What makes non-GAMSTOP casinos outside the UK so attractive?

Their appeal is down to several factors. Defining the best, however, is subjective. The best non-UK registered casino is down to your personal opinion and preferences. A perfect fit for one UK player may be the direct opposite of someone else’s idea of ‘the best.’

Against this backdrop, we have distilled the type of features UK players will want down to the following:


No matter how flashy a site is, it won’t fly if it doesn’t have the right selection of games. Getting this mix spot-on is what makes or breaks an online casino. Be assured that all the casinos we feature have a vast array of games. There is something for everyone, be it slots, table games, poker, or live casinos. The top-quality games from the best providers, and on our site, you will only see non-GAMSTOP casinos with the biggest game developer names.

Bonuses & promotions

One of the biggest reasons new online casinos are obtaining offshore licenses from Curacao or Malta is the less stringent rules governing bonuses and promotions. The UK Gambling Commission has stringent rules on the level of bonuses and the types of promotions that are permissible. That’s why UK-licensed casinos seem so miserly in comparison; UK gambling regulations hamstring them.

Responsible gambling

Though online casinos outside the UK are not registered with GAMSTOP, they still consider it essential to have self-exclusion schemes of their own to keep problem gamblers safe. All the non-GAMSTOP sites here on JustUK have satisfied us that they are safe and responsible.

Payment methods

Another significant advantage of playing at non-UK licensed casinos is the more extensive payment methods they offer.

Unlike in the UK, overseas casinos can accept credit card deposits. And they also have options to deposit anonymously.

Credit card deposits are still available at non-GAMSTOP casinos.

Casinos outside the UK have some options to deposit anonymously.

The choice of online is truly dizzying. However, in this section, we break down the non-GAMSTOP sites by category.